Tuesday, April 1, 2008


As I was working in my classroom this morning I heard a squeak outside my window. When I looked on the ground there was a falcon, of all possible visitors, on the ground clearly covering something it had preyed upon, which Mr. Nicsaji told me is called mantling. About a month or so ago I found the feathers of a cardinal scattered about a corner of the courtyard. I had no idea what could have gotten in the courtyard and taken a cardinal, but now I know. The falcon lay on the ground for a few moments, and when it felt safe enough it stood up and very efficiently began plucking its prey, which was a sparrow. It finally recognized my presence as I tried to take a photo and I ducked, held the camera above my head, and got this photo that is blurry because I shot it through the fake snow on my window. The falcon can be seen at the bottom of the shot and you can almost make out the sparrow in its talons.