Friday, May 30, 2008

Sorry it has been several days since the last post. The end of the school season is here and it's when we all get a crash course in juggling. Closing House last night went really well. Things keep growing along here on the farm thanks to the recent warm weather. There is a whole new batch of seedlings almost ready to go in the ground once they get their secondary leaves sprouted a bit more. Maybe next week sometime. Anyway, here are some shots from around the building.

Tomato that survived the recent cold spells.

Pole bean sprout.

Garden peas almost ready to pick on the trellamid.

Chive flowers.

Lettuce and chives.

Folded iris. Did you know we have four or five different varieties of irises here?

Unfolded iris.

Iris number three.

Final iris shot. This one has an intense pattern on the inside.

Have a great weekend.