Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cleaning Up

After being away from the farm for almost two weeks things were getting a little out of control. It took a couple hours over two days but things are back to an acceptable state. Everything is doing well and there have even been some ripe tomatoes, several cucumbers, and the hot and cool peppers are popping out all over. The very first eggplant is fruiting too. Four beds have been cleared for a late season planting of lettuce, spinach and maybe a try at cabbage again.

Hot Serrano peppers

Cool Bell peppers

Pink Beauty tomato

Striped German tomato

A volunteer Roma tomato plant

First baby eggplant

A volunteer sunflower

An out of control squash of unknown variety.

A volunteer corn plant that probably came from bird seed

Friendly neighborhood pollinator

Eggplant and peppers

Beds cleaned up for late plantings

Another view of the other bed