Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good News

We received the good news today from the Wilton PTA that we have been approved for a grant to purchase the equipment we need to tap the sugar maples out back of the school to make maple syrup. Kevin Meehan, who teaches at Cider Mill and runs the programs at Ambler Farm, was essential in getting this going. Thanks Kevin. We are teaming up because last year Abler Farm got their own maple sugaring system going and hopefully with the amount of sap we can take from the trees here at Middlebrook we may be able to double production. That all depends on what kind of season it is going to be, but it should be fun no matter. Also, since maple sugaring is really the beginning of the growing season we hope to funnel any students who work with the maple sugaring into the Middlebrook Farm School scene. In other news the Farm here has been put to bed and has a nice blanket of snow.