Friday, March 27, 2009

New Beds

Today, with social studies classes being run by our guidance counselor and some warm weather finally upon us, I was able to get out on the farm and prepare some new beds. They will mainly be used as a winter garden, with winter hardy plants going in the ground sometime in July. During the winter that corner of the courtyard stays practically snow and frost free due to the fact that it faces south and the brick wall radiates heat back to the soil. The theory is if you can have winter hardy plants at harvest stage when cold weather comes on in October and November they should, if protected from mostly the wind, survive and feed you until the spring. The other part of this plan is to build a cold frame where the boc choy cabbage has been planted. In there will go other cold hardy plants that need a little more protection. These will be carrot, spinach, lettuce, and boc choy cabbage. Today I also put in the ground week two of turnip, radish, spinach, lettuce, boc choy, and peas.