Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Idea Growing

Yesterday we had the students each plant their own corn seed out in the newest plot we turned over last spring. We got nothing really out of that space last season so we are hoping for a better season this year. The idea with the students' corn plants is that when they come back next school season as seventh graders, and we have a new "crop" of sixth graders, we can have a harvest party after school one day in September to share and enjoy the corn and whatever else we may get to grow, and hopefully inspire some interest in the Farm School. Keep your fingers crossed.

The plot was divided into a grid and each student was assigned one numbered square foot for their corn plant so they can remember where their plant is and track its progress. We are trying out a modified version of the Square Foot Gardening method developed by Mel Bartholomiew. Thanks to Heather Candels for the book.