Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summertime, time, time...

Today we got together to regroup after some time away and to tend to the gardens.  Despite some signs of stress from a long, dry couple of weeks everything is looking pretty good.  We were especially psyched to see that the composting system really seems to be working well.  We were able to clean out the garlic from one of the first beds of last summer and begin to amend the soil that we have with some nice, dark matter.  That is where the sustainable cycle renews itself for tomorrow.

resident ten foot sunflower 

We pulled,  
...and braided the garlic.
spaghetti squash 
hmmm...acorn squash...butternut squash...spaghetti squash...cukes...we think... 
T. Rex kale 
yes, cukes. 
This, essentially, could be your Thanksgiving. 
soybeans getting way too pushy 

ready to be pickles 

If you are in the neighborhood check us out.