Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's Been A While...

...but things at the Farm School are looking really good.  We are in the third week of school and I am not sure we could have hoped for a better introduction to the garden for our new sixth graders.  They are totally excited about it and according to Heather they are practically begging to go out to the gardens every time they are in class.  She has had them out there picking weeds, hunting bugs, doing general maintenance and harvesting the bounty.

And speaking of the bounty, here it is...

As we head into fall, and the sunlight sinks in its declination, our harvest continues.

Also, as the winter approaches, we are continuing to work towards a four season harvest by turning old window frames (recycled from Heather's home project) into boxes we can use to grow some cold hardy plants such as mache lettuce and carrots.  We will be building two more this afternoon.

And sometimes on the farm things break.  This is the ripcord and housing to an Echo weed cutter that we were using.  Here we have a key element to the idea of sustainability.  It could have been a >$300 addition to the local dumpster, but with some time spent with youtube tutorials and some investigation into where to order parts, $45 and three days later we are good to go.  
If you are in the neighborhood please check us out.