Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time to get things moving

It is looking like Punxsutawney Phil might have been correct and we are in for an early spring.  There certainly have been more and more song birds each morning on the way to the Farm School.  Even though we had a burst of snow yesterday, sending us home from the farm early, today it is raining and most signs of snow have melted away.  There is a chill in the air so March may indeed come in like a lion and exit like a lamb, but we will see.
The Farm School also has some new, squiggly additions and even when it is cold and rainy out there they need to be fed.  Mrs. Priest has brought to the program a huge crop of worms for composting.  Healthy composting worms have been known to be able to convert half their body weight in a day, which will be a huge help with the scraps coming out of the Culinary Arts classes.
Here she is digging out compost for the worms to feed on.

And here is their lunch.

You can just make out a few of them in this shot.

Here are the students' worm bins that are being taken care of by groups of four to five of our sixth graders.

Another new addition to the growing operation are several four foot seedling lamps.

Here we have pea sprouts, and behind them sunflower sprouts, that only yesterday showed no signs of sprouting.  The idea here is to grow them as micro greens to use in salads and as garnish.

Here you can see the pea sprout close up.  

Pretty soon things are going to be in full swing here at Middlebrook Farm School so stay tuned and if you are in the neighborhood come and check us out.  Also keep an eye out for Ambler Farm maple syrup.  It is some of the yummiest around and it is 100% local.  Their Maple Syrup Open House is Saturday, March 5th and the 12th.  There are plenty of activities like syrup tastings with ice cream and you can watch the evaporator boil away over the warm fire.