Thursday, October 6, 2016

As The Sun Sinks Slowly South

It has been another two, very busy months since we updated everyone on the progress here at the Farm School.  The school season got off to a running start with a lot of new mixed in with the not so new, and our new crop of sixth graders have been busy tending the gardens and harvesting whatever is available for the Culinary Arts classes.  This has been especially true for scallion pancakes since there was such an abundant crop of green onions.
From what we could see everyone enjoyed that well known, fast food snack.  Mrs. Priest has had the sixth graders out in the gardens a lot tasking them with harvesting, cultivating, and seeding late season greens.

Overall it has been a successful growing season despite the significant lack of rain through the summer.  The sixth graders were able to also harvest a good amount of produce to freeze for students in the second and third quarters.  Before we know it it will be winter and we will be riding around on the season cycle with seed catalogs and graph paper once again.  Until then enjoy these...

sweet potatoes
 red peppers
 purple tomatoes
 The Old Green Grasshopper
 kale burst
 green peppers
 carrot forest
 cherry tomato rainbow
 in the gardens

Even now though we have new seedlings coming up for a late season harvest, and hopefully with row covers and box covers, we can continue the harvest through the winter.


Check back with us when you can, and if you are in the neighborhood stop by.  We would be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you might have.