Wednesday, October 26, 2016

First Frost

This morning was the first noticeable frost to kiss the plants here at the Farm School, and now the row covers will be necessary to extend the growing season.  Mrs. Priest and the sixth graders have been doing an outstanding job with their successive plantings since we started this school season, and if the winds don't blow the covers off the gardens we should have fresh greens through the cold season like we did last winter.  Some of the plants that continue to thrive into the cold season actually start to taste better after a frost or two.  This is because plants such as kale and and Brussels sprouts produce sugar, making them sweeter, after being "frost cured."  Leeks, carrots, celeriac, and chard all can produce similar effects, and carrots that have over wintered can taste like candy.

Enjoy the photos and stop by sometime to check us out.