Thursday, March 2, 2017

Green Is The Color of February

So once again a considerable amount of time has passed since our last post here at Middlebrook Farm School.  With so many new initiatives, such as new curricula and unit designs, around the building it has been kind of a challenge documenting the gardens in the winter.  But, now it is March The First and time to start the planning and plotting for our upcoming plantings and harvests, and there is no better place to begin than with micro greens in the Culinary Arts room with Mrs. Priest.

The students will be harvesting the snap pea sprouts to use in Culinary Arts as a part of delicious salads, garnishes, and other interesting creations for sure.  If you get down there you might even be able to pick a few for yourself to nibble on as a late winter treat to remind you of all the crisp and fresh produce that is soon to be upon us.  

Here is a collection of some of the other shots we got over the last few months.

Pretty soon the gardens will be getting planned out and seedlings started indoors so if you are in the neighborhood of Middlebrook Farm come and check out our progress.  Speaking of progress, it looks like the plans for our greenhouse are moving along and we may have it up and functional before next winter.